Landscape Gaa-barge

We used to go fishing on several ponds, lakes, and rivers in New Hampshire and Maine.  Sometimes, we would just go out in the Grand Laker canoe for a canoe ride.  It was so peaceful.  One day we were on the Merrimack River and I took a picture of pink flowers along the bank. This was one of the pictures that I kept on my work station. It was a reminder of the wonderful times that we had on the water. a blog 1






When I started the landscape project, this picture was one that I had to reproduce in scraps and threads.  When making a landscape, the trick is to add just a few scraps and make the details with thread painting.  If too many scraps are added, the picture can look heavy.  Thread painting is very relaxing.  Shadows and sunlight can be added as if with a painter’s brush.  Rayon thread will be shiny and reflect the light, while cotton will be better suited in the shade. Forward colors will be darker and brighter while the distant colors will be more muted.

Landscape Gaa-barge is not a perfect reproduction but is a hint of the original.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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