September is here

IMG_0510The long weekend is over.  Fall has officially arrived.  The weather is perfect.  Warm and crisp, not muggy.  On Friday, I went south a little bit to Hallowell, Maine for one of my daughter’s wedding.  The wedding was held along a walking trail at Vaughn Woods.

vaughan woodsIt is a perfect trail.  Not hard to walk it at all.  There were several people walking with their dogs on the trail.  The scenery is beautiful.  It is well worth the trip to walk the “Hobbit Trail” at Vaughn Woods in Hallowell.




After the wedding, we went to a steak house in Augusta and then on to Madison,  N. H.    On Saturday, we had a barbecue and then I went further south to my New Hampshire home.  I had so many chores to do there.  I didn’t have time to sew or quilt.

left N. H. at 5:15 A.M. for the four hour trip back to Maine.  I have had enough driving for a while.  Miss Molly spent five days at a kennel while I was away.  She loves to go to a boarding kennel, so I feel good about leaving her there.

This morning, I was relaxing and checking Facebook and a screen came up.  It said “Get  off the Internet and go sew something”.  O.K.  So I did.  Facebook is really bossy.

temp3It was such a beautiful day.  I didn’t want to be inside so I took my sewing machine outside on the porch.  I have electrical outlets there.  I had planned to do sew outside all this summer, but didn’t.  It will be my new place to work on sunny days. temp2




temp1The black sashing fabric for the temperature quilt was in N. H.  I brought it up to Maine. I finished June.  It needed a black spot because June has only 30 days.  Then, I added the sashing and the July and August strips.  I’ve started on September.  The colors on the right side of the quilt should start going  back to the colors of the left side soon.  It will be a pretty quilt.

hs3When I was in N. H., looking for a quilt, I found this Hunter Star quilt.  It was made from blocks that I made when I demonstrated Deb Tucker’s Hunter Star ruler.  It is such an easy quilt to make.  Looking around, I found two more.  hs1




I have lots of quilting and sewing planned for the next few weeks.

Have a great day and happy quilting.



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