Moda Blockhead 2

Today was a beautiful fall day which turned into a warm summer day.  I sewed inside because it was cloudy when I started.  The weather report didn’t call for rain, but I didn’t want to take a chance.   The new Moda blocks came in the e-mail this morning.  I thought that I would catch up.  When I opened the e-mail to see the block,  there were two new patterns today.  Fortunately, they were both easy blocks.  Last week’s block is a tall flower.  It is a different size than we have had before.

IMG_1463   IMG_1462   IMG_1460   IMG_1459

I was behind and I sewed  all the old blocks and the new blocks.  I am still using the Japanese fabric for the Moda blockhead 2 block of the week.  I think that the blocks will be very pretty when I put them together.

I worked a little on Dear Jane.  I’ve checked out the fourth row of blocks and will start that row soon.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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