I sewed and quilted a lot of different things today.  Fabric was chosen for two Dear Jane blocks.  One block was hand quilted.  A little applique was sewed on another Dear Jane block.  Machine quilting was started on a UFO wall hanging.  This one has been hanging around for a long time.

I have a challenge quilt that is due next June.  The pattern has twelve 6″ squares in it.  It has been a long time since I did any machine embroidery.  There are several 6″ machine quilted blocks in my embroidery file. I could use one of the patterns and take the fabric colors for the rest of the blocks from the thread colors.   Most of the quilt block patterns have only ten different embroideries so I will have to sew two of them twice with different colors.  I spent a bit of time eliminating the ones that I didn’t want for the challenge quilt and ended up with two contenders.  After going back and forth with the two, I decided on the one that I think will look very nice.

The USB stick didn’t work.  It showed the embroideries when plugged into the computer, but not when it was plugged into the machine.  I reformatted it in the machine.  When I did that, I knew that I would loose all the embroideries on the stick.  That was o.k. because I could cut and paste the ones that I wanted. The embroideries that I lost on the stick are in the embroidery file in the computer.  They were embroideries that I have done already in the past and I probably didn’t need them anymore.  Now I can use the stick.

Each of the embroideries take about sixteen minutes according to the screen.  That is sewing time, not the time needed to change colors and rethread when a thread breaks.  It always take much longer to sew out an embroidery.

IMG_1469   IMG_1468   IMG_1467   IMG_1466

I made four today.  It is a start.  There are so many pretty colored threads in the thread stash.  I did use one thread that was thicker than the others and the embroidery didn’t sew out as well as I would have liked.  I will resew that one and find another use for the defective one.

I had forgotten how much I enjoy using the embroidery function of the machine.  I can see quilting some of the ufos with machine embroidery quilting patterns.  I have done that before and it works well.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

4 thoughts on “Embroidery

    1. I love the embroidery function on my machine when it is working the right way. I finished all twelve embroideries today, plus three more that had problems. While the machine is working away, I cut out pieces for the temperature quilt. Also cut tomatoes for bruschetta. I can do other things as long as I am near enough to shut it off when a problem occurs. Fortunately, the machine is very vocal when it needs attention.


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