Wall hangings of the month

I have a spot on the wall In my New Hampshire home where I change the wall hanging each month.  Sometimes I skip a month if I’m in Maine or I forget to change it.  It was fun to make each little piece.  They sew up very fast.  Every once in a while, we need something for instant gratification.

IMG_0857June’s wall hanging is a little boy who is fishing with his dog.  He is out of school for the summer and is having fun.IMG_0858




IMG_0863July’s wall hanging is Sunbonnet Sue dressed up in red, white and blue clothes.  She is very patriotic. IMG_0864




IMG_0866August’s wall hanging is a statement that I Love my garden.  Usually the garden is in full bloom in August.




IMG_0867September’s wall hanging is the same little boy from June.  Now, he’s back in school with so much school work that he almost doesn’t have time to do anything else.  IMG_0868




July is still on my wall.  I didn’t take time to change the wall hanging when I went to New Hampshire in August.  I won’t go back until October so September won’t be on the wall.  I do much better in changing them in the winter.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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