Removable sleeve

When you submit a quilt for showing at a quilt show, there must be a sleeve sewn on the back. On wall hangings, there should be a permanent sleeve.  When you show a large quilt, you might not want a permanent sleeve so this Removable sleeve is just what you want.

The original instructions were made by Mary B.  It is very easy to attach and then to remove when the show is over.

IMG_1487Cut muslin 14″ high and the width of the quilt minus 4″.  I used an old sheet. The length of a queen sheet is just the right size for a king size quilt.

Fold in half and stitch.  I tore the fabric so that it would be straight.   Then I sewed with a walking foot so it would sew evenly.

IMG_1488With the seam centered in the back, press the tube.  It will be approximately 6″ wide.




IMG_1489Pin to top of the quilt.  I pinned the top with the pin heads facing out so that I could remove them as I sewed.   The bottom was pinned sideward so that the pins would be out of the way when the second seam was sewn.


IMG_1495Thread the machine with monofilament thread in the top and regular thread in the bottom.  Mary recommended Bottom Line thread.  Superior mono thread is soft, not at all like the old mono thread that was like fishline.  It runs through the machine nicely.




IMG_1494Greatly reduce the top tension, (Down to 1)  Set length as long as possible.




IMG_1496With the right side of the quilt facing up, sew the facing to quilt at top and about 5 1/2″ down.  I sewed the top seam in the intersection of the binding, taking out the pins as I sewed.  When I came to the bottom stitching, I found that if I sewed 6″ down, I would sew in the border seam.  I removed the pins as I sewed, making sure that the sleeve was straight under the quilt.

The sewn lines are invisible on the front of the quilt.IMG_1497




When you finish using the sleeve, clip the bobbin thread in a few places and pull out the monofilament.  Save the sleeve for the next show.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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