UFO Practice quilt / Moda

IMG_1499I made a little basket quilt several years ago.  When it came to the top of the pile, I decided to use it to practice machine quilting.  Miss Molly inspected the quilt and said that it was good enough for her to take a nap on it.


I practiced a basket weave.  It was free motioned quilted. I was able to quilt the whole basket without stopping by quilting in the ditch between squares.  Four triangles have pebbling. I like the look and hadn’t been very successful in quilting that pattern.  I took my time and by the fourth triangle, I was very happy with my IMG_1500quilting.   IMG_1502

The cathedral window had to be marked.  I did find a way to quilt the four corners without stopping.

I quilted the vine in the border with a ruler.  I did learn that I should quilt slow and from ruler marking to marking which is only about three inches.  I’m not fond of ruler quilting just yet, but will keep on practicing.  I was able to free motion quilt leaves on each side of the vine.

Moda has three blocks this week.  Fortunately, they were all easy blocks using half square triangles and sew and flip. All three blocks are 6″ square.


Texas Puzzle is by Carrie Nelson.  Carrie is the author of the Miss Rosie quilt books.





Big Storm is by Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic





Mishmash is by Vanessa Goerhzen of Leila Botique



Have a great day and happy quilting.

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