Flying Geese

Do you like the look of a flying geese quilt, but are sure that you will cut off the geese points.  There are several rulers on the market to help you cut out and sew the geese.  Kimberley Einmo has a flying geese ruler.  There is a Lazy Girl flying geese ruler, a Wing Clipper from Deb Tucker and many others.

Even with the rulers and correct cutting, the geese still don’t sew right.  Then you call in your friend, Mr. Seam ripper, or say it’s good enough.  There is a simple technique that will help with perfect flying geese.

Does your flying geese look like it’s head is cut off?

IMG_1548       IMG_1543It is because your joining line was sewn below the X on the head of the geese.  This is the X    .IMG_1542

If the flying geese head has clouds above it, it is because the joining line was sewn above the X on the head of the geese.

IMG_1544   IMG_1546

To make a perfect flying geese, sew the joining seam one thread above the X.  Then when the piece is pressed, the point will be just where it needs to be.  IMG_1552


It is sometimes hard to see the X when you are sewing a seam, but if you sew slowly through that intersection and really watch, you can do it.

These two little quilts were made before I figured out how to get a “perfect” point.  They are hand quilted and the quilting fixed a lot of mistakes.

IMG_0391     IMG_0390

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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