From the archives

Several years ago, I was fabric shopping at Marden’s.  I had finished and was waiting to have the fabric cut when I noticed my husband standing behind me with his cart full of bolts.  The fabric was bright purple, yellow, orange, blue, red and other colors that I don’t ordinarily use in my quilts.  I asked him what he wanted me to do with that fabric.  He said make a quilt.  I replied “All those colors in one quilt?”  He said “yes”.

IMG_0282I searched for a pattern to use all those colors and decided to make a king size quilt using squares sewn together, cut again at an angle using a template and then sewn back together again.


I had made two smaller versions and it is very easy as long as the pieces are kept in order.

IMG_1555The first one that I made has been hanging in the top of the living room in the Maine house for fifteen years.  The other is a small table mat.  IMG_0433

The king quilt looked very nice in the red bedroom.  Then I needed a wall hanging.  I found the twisted lone star in Jan Kranz’s book.  It was perfect.  The wall hanging is on the accent wall which is varnished ship lap wood.IMG_0178

It was interesting to work with colors that I don’t usually use. At the time, it was very hard.  I did learn to get out of my small box and experiment with other colors.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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