Dear Jane and a small quilt

IMG_1560I have finished 25 of the 169 center blocks of the Dear Jane quilt.  That is not counting the border triangles, but I will think about them when I finish all 13 X 13 rows of the center.  Each block is hand quilted and bound in the pot holder method.  Then they are sewn together.  I’m really addicted to making this quilt even though I once said that I would never make a Dear Jane.

I’m trying to stay as close to the original fabric as I can.  It’s a good thing that I have a big scrap stash.  I have chosen the fabric for two of the blocks in the fourth row. It will take 24 blocks to complete the fourth row.  I think that I will complete them one at a time and add the block to the quilt as I complete them.  If I do that, they will be where they belong.

IMG_1559I have also finished a small embroidered wall hanging.  I embroidered a Donna Dewberry pattern.  Her embroideries look similar to her painting.  She uses many colored threads in the embroideries and sometimes repeats a color.  When I sew the embroidery, I do not have a backing in the hoop.  I heavily starch the fabric and add batting.  I first sew a tracing line around the hoop. It outlines the pattern. Then, after the embroidery is finished,  I add the backing and use the line to add the first border. It makes a straight line and automatically centers the embroidery.  I usually have two borders and stitch a feather stitch on the seam lines.  This attaches the top to the backing.  The binding is cut smaller than the binding for a large quilt.  I like to hand tack the binding down. On some small quilts, I add a flange binding.  It requires no hand work as it is sewn to the back of the quilt and turned to the front. These little quilts ( 12″ X  12″) are almost instant gratification.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

2 thoughts on “Dear Jane and a small quilt

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am enjoying your blog. I still have to figure out how to send it to my e-mail address. Every time I try, it goes to missmollyquilts, even when I go in by my e-mail. I will figure it out so I don’t miss any of your blogs. I have one piece of African fabric. I will be interested to see what you do with yours. I need inspiration.


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