Blue and White

IMG_1670This morning I cut the white 5″ squares for the blue and white quilt. I cut enough for twelve nine patches.  The center blue fabric was the same on all the nine patches, but the corners were all different blues.  I had a lot of blue fabric left over from the Canadian 150 quilt. There is still a tall stack of 5″ blue squares.  I’ll use them in the border.

IMG_1671The nine patches were cut in half vertically and horizontally.  That made 48 pieces.



IMG_1672More fabric was cut to add a white border and a blue corner square to one side of all 48 pieces. The borders are 2″ wide.  I used two different colored fabrics for the corner squares.



IMG_1674Four of the pieces were sewn into a larger piece.  When I did this, I used two of each of the fabrics for the corner squares. Two of the pieces were turned so that the center had two small squares and two large squares.  I will have the corner square colors in the same position in each block.


When all the blocks are sewn, they need to be squared up to the size of the smallest block and then sewn together.  Then a small white border and probably a 5″ outer border.

To be continued.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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