quilt camp

In the past, one of my daughters used to go up to Maine to be with me for a week.  We had what we called “quilt camp”.  We went to yard sales, flea markets, and consignment stores.  One or the other cooked or we went out for a meal.  Most of all, we had fun and quilted.

One year, we sun dyed fabric.  My neighbor saw us having fun in the back yard and came over to watch. I eventually made a quilt out of the sun dyed fabric for my daughter.

Another year, I decided to make a gift for the guild Christmas in July Yankee swap.  I found pictures of the wall hanging this week while looking for something else.


I had found a pattern for a small wall hanging and gathered the fabric for it.   The pattern is called “Quilt Show”. Some of the fabric was unusual and just made the trees.  Making the small quilts on the clothes  line was hard.  Probably, now that I can do small pieces, it would be easier.   The quilt is now owned by a good friend in Maine.



It is so much fun to have someone else to share my quilting passion.

Have a great day and happy quilting.


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