UFO + Dear Jane

I have done very little sewing or quilting since I arrived back in New Hampshire.  My days are filled with yard work, organizing what I brought back from Maine, meetings, and medical appointments.  I have worked on the blue and white quilt in short sessions.  Eventually it will be finished if I work on it a little at a time.  My nine patches for the Linus quilts are still sitting where I left them.  The Temperature quilt flying geese are cut and sitting ready to sew.  Maybe by next week, I can find a day when I can sew all day.

It has been so cold.  I don’t enjoy working outdoors when the temperature is in the 40s.  The lawn has been mowed for the last time this season.  Most of the leaves are raked up and bagged.  I still have a small area to rake.  If it doesn’t warm up, I’m going to leave the gardens until the spring.  When I put the bags of leaves out for pick up, I pulled out three small bags that I partially filled last Spring and found that the leaves had composted.  What a treasure !!!  It is stockpiled to use in a spot where the grass didn’t grow this past summer.  Maybe pure compost will help grass grow in that bare spot. The Hydrangea bushes have been hit by a deep frost. They need to be cut back.  I’m not too excited about not doing more this fall.  It will be covered with snow soon and I won’t have to look at it until Spring.

Most everything is back in its spot.  I am still missing a few things and know that I will find them sometime when I’m not looking for them.  In the meantime, I’ll concentrate on enjoying quilting.

The meetings have gone well.  It’s good to be back with friends and catching up. I also enjoyed the class with Jo Diggs.  I did finish the pieces but still have to find frames for them.  I should do that soon so the pictures don’t end up in the UFO pile.

IMG_1675When in Maine, I quilted a table runner.  It was quilted with ruler work.  Still the straight lines, not curves or circles.  I sewed the binding on and tacked it down so it’s a finished UFO.  I think that I will keep this one.  It looks nice on the dining room table.  I’ll keep practicing  more ruler work on UFO’s waiting to be quilted.


IMG_1676Six more Dear Jane blocks are finished.  They are fun to make.  They are so small that the hand quilting is fast.  After they are quilted, they are trimmed to five inches and the binding sewed on.  It doesn’t take long to tack down the binding.  I have made some out of order because I started them in Maine.  I am trying to use similar fabric as the original. I used what fabric I had there.  Now that I am back in New Hampshire, I have a lot more fabric to choose from.  The location on the quilt is written on a piece of paper which is pinned to the back of the finished blocks.   I will place the out of sequence blocks in the main quilt when I get to the row where they belong.

Hopefully, I will get back to sewing and quilting soon.  Maybe, even catch up on the Moda Blockhead and Simple Sampler blocks of the week.

Have a great day and happy quilting.


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