Wall Quilt

Winter is here.  Miss Molly and I woke to beautiful snow falling.  She enjoys the snow and doesn’t mind going out in it.  


It was a great day to work on the wall quilt.  I have a file with everything that I’ve worked on before.  I just have to pull it out to see where I finished the last time that I worked on this project.


Today, I drafted the applique design on freezer paper.  When I found other flowers for the piece, I added them with scotch tape.





After the design was what I wanted, I marked the center horizontally and vertically. 




IMG_1769Then, using the light box,  I transferred the pattern to a large piece of stabilizer.  This stabilizer pattern will be the diagram for placement of the applique pieces.  The hardest part is figuring out which pieces should be appliqued first.  The freezer paper diagram will be cut out for the patterns.  I haven’t decided whether I will cut out and applique each flower separately or cut out and number all of them.    

IMG_1770I want to use the flowers from my garden for color inspiration.  Several photos are in the file and I placed them where they should go so that I can see how it should look.  I may look in a flower catalogue for other color inspiration.  My flowers are very similar in color.  I’m still deciding which fabric will be the base for the appliques.  There are two contenders.  

Have a great day and happy quilting.



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