Miss Molly’s Adventure

There was no sewing or quilting last weekend.  Miss Molly went to visit her cousins, Odie, a labradoodle, Ziggy, a Schnauzer, and Mr. Gibbs, a Schnauzer.  She had visited them before and had lunch in Tom’s Doggie Restaurant.

Unfortunately, Misty Lou and Cowboy are no longer with us.





IMG_1130The three cousins had visited Miss Molly in Maine last summer.  They had a good time, except that Odie took over Miss Molly’s spot of the sofa. IMG_1133

When they left, Miss Molly slept the rest of the day in her spot.

We made the trip because my beautiful great grandson, Aiden, was dedicated during the church service on Sunday.  While we were gone, Ziggy and Miss Molly were left in crates.  It was a place with lots of things to see and get into if not watched.  Odie and Mr. Gibbs were allowed to roam the house.  After all, it was their home and they “knew” how to behave.

When we arrived home, we found an empty baggie on the living room floor.  It was still sealed, but the bottom had been chewed out. I had left four days of Miss Molly’s food in a baggie that was in a canvas bag on top of her crate.  The canvas bag was still in it’s place.

The two dogs had stolen her food and she had to watch them eat it.  After Miss Molly came out of her crate, she tried to go under the sofa.  We found her measuring cup with a few pieces of food under there.

The best part was that Miss Molly had her cousin’s food for supper that night.  According to her, it was much better than what she usually ate.  The other two dogs still ate all their supper. Four days of food didn’t effect them at all.

I made a mock up of a flower with my hand dyed fabric for the wall quilt this morning.  I didn’t like it.  I’m glad that I made the mock up instead of appliqueing the flower on the background.  It saved a lot of un-sewing.  I decided to use regular fabric.  It will give me a bigger range of color from light to dark.   There are fifteen flowers in the center of the wall hanging.  This afternoon, I chose fabric for seven of the flowers and pressed the freezer paper to them. They are not cut out.  I will do that when I’m ready to applique.   I also found a large piece of sky fabric that I might use for the background.  I will make a decision when I finish choosing the colors for all the flowers. There is progress, but it is slow.

Have a great day and happy quilting.


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