Wall Quilt

IMG_1812Another flower has grown on the wall quilt.  I applique in the evening and the flowers are growing very slowly.  The newest flower is a blue trumpet flower.  Just to the right is a partial small yellow rose.  I’ll finish that tonight. Most of the templates have been cut out for the rest of the flowers.  I just need to take a day and sit and tend to the garden. I have changed the flower colors several times. I could finish the quilt faster if I used my first choice of colors.

I don’t have very much fabric, but it is enough to last a long time.  Most of the fabric is scraps.  There are a few larger pieces.  When my stash started to grow, I needed a way to organize what I had. I did not want plastic containers.  They are not good for fabric.  I  wanted the fabric out of the sunlight. I also wanted easy access to the fabric.

Ikea had units with wire drawers.  I bought four units.  They were easy to put together with a screw driver.  The units are very solid when two are placed one on the other.  This was perfect for storing fabric.

Most of the fabric is stored by color.  Other drawers have panels, pre cuts, or theme fabric.  There is a drawer of solid fabric.  Also a drawer of plaids and stripes.


In the sewing room, there are two closets.



IMG_1809Behind door #1 is one of the Ikea units. Batting is kept on the floor on one side and stabilizer is on the other side.  Backings are hung on hangers.  On the shelf are quilt tops that are ready to quilt.  You can see that I am a little behind in quilting the tops.


IMG_1807Behind door #2 is the second Ikea unit.  Craft bins are on the left.  They contain UFO’s that I take out once in a while and work on them.  There is a Cynthia English piece that I can work on only for a short time.  Then it goes back into the closet.  It will be finished someday.  The right side contains a bar that I’m going to use some day to hang a design board.  Also other things that I might use some day.  On the shelf are bins that hold most the wall hangings that I’ve made.  Also wall hangings that my friends have made for me.  I enjoy looking through them every once in a while.

IMG_1811The drawers of the Ikea unit are removable.  I can take them out of the closet to find what I want.  If you check the bottom of the unit in door #2, you will notice that the drawer is missing.  All the fabric, patterns, and supplies that I need for the wall quilt are in that drawer.  It is on the kitchen island.  When I want to sit and sew, everything is right there for me.   When the wall hanging is finished, I’ll put the leftover fabric back in their proper drawers and use that drawer for the next project.

I’m staying home tomorrow, so I will be able to sew most of the day.  That is, when I’m not glancing out the window and watching the workmen across the street.

Have a great day and happy quilting.



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