Christmas wall hanging

christmasThe Christmas wall hanging is finished and is on the wall.  There was a slight delay because I misplaced the fabric that I had intended to use for the binding.  It was the same fabric as the background.  I went to the quilt shop and bought a piece that I thought would match, but when I got home, it was nothing like the background fabric.  So much for thinking I knew what I wanted and didn’t bother to bring the wall hanging to the quilt shop to check.

My daughter was having breakfast with me one morning this week.  She brought a length of green binding out of the sewing room and Put it on the edge of the wall hanging.  She said that I should use green binding with a small red piping. I like to put piping on quilts, but I thought that a flange binding would fit. It has all machine sewing and no hand tacking on the back.  She knew that it was the wrong color green but it got ideas flowing.  That binding is waiting for me to quilt the next quilt on the list.

I found a baggie of green fabric that I was gathering for a green and white quilt.  In the baggie were pieces of the green vine fabric that I used in the center of the wall hanging.  It was cut offs from the backing of a quilt that I had sent to a long arm quilter.  One problem solved.  I couldn’t find any of the red print from the center, but I did find a solid red that matched the background of the print.

christmas 2There was enough of both fabrics to make the flange binding.  The binding portion of flange binding is cut 1 1/2″, not the 2 1/4″ or 2 1/2″ as you would for regular binding.  The flange portion is cut 1 3/4″.  After the two pieces are sewn together, it is sewn to the back of the quilt and then rolled to the front and sewn down in the seam where the two pieces meet.  This is a great way to make a binding if the fabric is a little short for regular binding.

Now that the Christmas wall hanging is up, I can think about decorating the rest of the house.

I still haven’t found the lost fabric, but when I do, I’ll have the background fabric for another small quilt.  I’ll be sure to make binding and attach it to the quilt before it goes in the UFO pile.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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