Squirrel Quilt

IMG_1825I’ve started another squirrel quilt.  It is one that is not planned, but just has to be made.  It has to get out of my mind.  All other quilts are put aside until the squirrel quilt is made.  When I bought Kimberley Einmo’s book, I decided that I would make all of the blocks.  The 10″ blocks have been made and are in a quilt that is waiting to be quilted.  That quilt was made last summer.  It is the next one to quilt.


I’ve been thinking about making the 6″ blocks for a while.  I’ve also noticed that the solid fabric that had outgrown it’s drawer.  The drawer was hard to shut.  I don’t know how I have so many solid fabrics.  I don’t usually sew with them.  Maybe, that’s why the drawer is so full.

Both thoughts are combined in this squirrel quilt.  In the past few days, I have made over half of the blocks.  There are 50 block in this size in the book.  I haven’t decided how I will put them together, but will probably use black sashing. IMG_1826   IMG_1828   IMG_1829   IMG_1827

When I make a squirrel quilt, I do quilt it right away.  It doesn’t go into the pile to be quilted later.  They usually end up being a gift or a charity quilt.

Sewing space in the sewing room –

IMG_1823I have space for two quilters in the sewing room.  The second machine belongs to one of my daughters.  She pieces quilts when she stays with me.  On occasion, we sew together. It is so much fun to quilt together.  My machine overlooks the window.  I can watch the world go by as I sew.  The new house across the street is almost done.  Someday, I will watch my new neighbors move in. IMG_1824

The third machine is a treadle machine.  I do have a belt and plan to install it some day and sew on the machine.




Have a great day and happy quilting.

2 thoughts on “Squirrel Quilt

    1. When two people are talking and a squirrel runs by, their heads immediately turn and they look at the squirrel.. They say “squirrel” and then forget what they were talking about. A squirrel quilt is one that jumps in and distracts you from what you planned to do.

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