Flower wall hanging


The flowers are growing on the wall hanging.  The appliqué on  right half of the middle of the wall hanging is almost finished.  There are a few more leaves to place.  I may decide to add a few more flowers after the left side is finished.  Then there are the border appliques to do.  This wall hanging is going to take me much longer than I thought it would. I only work on it in the evening while watching T.V.

IMG_1830Wouldn’t it be nice if the flowers actually bloomed in the garden at the same time.  That’s the advantage of growing flowers on fabric.





My roses in Maine didn’t bloom this summer, but the N. H. roses were beautiful.




The poppies always amaze me. The purple centers are so beautiful with the orange flowers.



IMG_1832The day lilies come in so many colors.  Many of my lilies have reverted back to orange.  The ones that didn’t revert are beautiful.  I take pictures of the same flowers every year.  I should separate the bulbs next summer.



In the meantime, I can enjoy my fabric flowers and all the pictures.

Have a great day and happy quilting.







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