It’s almost the end of 2018 and I did not reach my goal of finishing one UFO each week.  It doesn’t really matter as I have finished some and the basket is isn’t as full as it was at the beginning of the year.

I did start and complete several quilts.  Some are still at the long arm quilter.  Some, I quilted myself on my domestic machine.

I have lots of plans for 2019 but there will not be as many long term quilts as this year.  I still have seven Moda blocks to make.  There will be a few more next year. After I finish the Moda blocks, the Dear Jane quilt will be the only long term quilt project to work on.  There are a few bonus blocks to make for the Splendid Sampler project.   Then, that project will be finished. The Temperature Quilt top will be finished this week.   I have found two patterns that can be made out of the Japanese fabric.

When I have a few minutes and just want to sew, I work on a Mile a Minute block. There is no thinking in making a Mile a Minute block. I keep a bin of cut off fabric near the sewing machine to use when the mood strikes.  Soon, I will have enough to make a “free” quilt top.  I also have a basket of squares that work up into nine patches for Linus quilts.

IMG_1887This week, I finished three UFOs.  The first one was made years ago.  It is hand quilted.  This month, I started keeping hand quilting and applique near my chair. It’s handy to pick up and work on it while watching TV.  This is a fun pattern.  Squares are cut and sewn together.  Then, using a plastic template with cross marks, the squares are recut and sewn.  It is made with all straight seams, although it doesn’t looks that way.  There are small pieces left after the second cut.  If the pieces are kept in the same sequence, a smaller version of the quilt can be made.

IMG_1886The blue and green table runner is machine quilted.  I practiced quilting it with circle rulers of different sizes.  It has been in the basket for a while because I didn’t like the quilting.  Today, I stipple quilted the blue pineapples and finished it.  It is much better now.


IMG_1889The star piece is small.  It is hand quilted.  I like the colors. Somehow, setting the blocks on point make the quilt look better than a straight setting.  I can see a large quilt made with the small stars.  Maybe, some day I will make a lot of stars and make a bed quilt.  It would be a stash buster.  Some of the Mile a Minute fabric is large enough to make small stars.  I may start putting the larger pieces aside for that project.

I have finished three small tops and they are waiting to be packaged and quilted.  They shouldn’t take too long.  It would be nice to finish three more this year.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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