Happy New Year

Happy New Year.  It doesn’t seem possible that this is the last post of 2018.  There will be lots of new quilts in 2019.  I have listed all the quilts that I’m currently working on and will finish them in order.  Of course, I will make new quilts.  I have lots of ideas in my head.

IMG_1891The Temperature Quilt top is finished.  It has been fun watching the weather all year.  It is one quilt that when someone asks me how long did it take to finish, I can honestly say one year (365 days).  That’s not the quilting, just the piecing.  I’m not sure if I will quilt it myself or send it to a long arm quilter.  It turned out to be a big quilt.


In 2018, the temperature did not go below 0 or above 100.  I didn’t use any of the fabric in those baggies.  It is also interesting how the colors on the left side move to the colors on the right side.  It makes for an even quilt. IMG_1892




There is enough batique fabric left to make another quilt.  I bought a pattern at Keepsake years ago.  It is perfect for the leftover fabric.

Have a great day and happy quilting.




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