Blocks of the month

I had intended to write about something else tonight, but for some unknown reason my  phone is not sending my photos to the computer.  Hopefully, it’s just a temporary glitch.  I will go to my photo files and write about something else.

For years, I designed the block of the month for the Guild.  I made sample blocks to see if my instructions were understandable. Sampler quilts are fun to make.  I still have several blocks waiting to go into a finished quilt.  I also made blocks of the month from different quilt designers on the Internet. img_0496

This is a Puzzle quilt.  There are twenty blocks, but only ten patterns.  To solve the puzzle, you have to match  the blocks that have the same pattern.  It is harder to match them up than you think it is.  I finally wrote the answer on the back of the quilt so that I would remember.



img_0493Using the white sashing with green triangles on the corner give this quilt a secondary pattern. Green stars pop up when looking at it closely.






img_0492This quilt was designed for the quilter to find their own quilt patterns.  Hints were: find a pattern that begins with the first letter of your first name.  Find a pattern that has to do with weather.  Find a pattern that has an animal in it’s name. There were many other hints.  Every quilt was different.  The quilter could choose the size of the blocks and the setting.



img_0518I don’t know why this quilt has only eight blocks. It looks as if I added fancy corner triangles to the two red center blocks to make them the same size as the outside blocks with the multiple sashing.





It’s amazing how four sampler quilts can look so different with a change in sashing or setting.


Have a great day and happy quilting.









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