Moda Blockhead

I haven’t pieced any of the Moda Blockhead blocks since I came back to New Hampshire.  I had decided to take a break for a while. It has been a long while as I was nine blocks behind.  It doesn’t seem as if I’ve been back that long.

The instructions are printed for all nine and I have started to catch up.  I have finished piecing six blocks, but somehow, one of the blocks is missing.  I spent some time this afternoon picking up the sewing room but couldn’t find it.  At least, I have a neater sewing room.  I’m not going to keep looking.  It will show up sometime when I’m looking for something else.

img_1916 img_1915 img_1914 img_1913 img_1912I still have lots of the Japanese fabric to finish this project and make at least two more bed quilts.

There are about ten more blocks to come.  Then I will find out how to set them together.  If there isn’t sashing between them, I may machine quilt them individually and put them together pot holder style.  It’s much easier to quilt a small block than a whole quilt.

The Century block is finished.  All the examples for a demonstration at Guild are pieced.  The demo is tonight.  I have four more pieces waiting to be quilted.  That pile grows too fast.  Fortunately, they are smaller pieces and will quilt quickly.

Have a great day and happy quilting.


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