Orphan Blocks

Orphan blocks are fun to work with.  There is a reason why they were made and then put away.  Getting beyond the reason and making a quilt from these blocks is hard to do.  Years ago, I made several small blocks with the same pattern.  I don’t remember why I made them,  but I must have been learning a new technique.

img_1935Some are pastel.  Some are green and white.  They are all very plain if left on their own.



img_1933The pale green and coral blocks are set in a nine patch format.  Five of the blocks are in a straight setting and four are in a diagonal setting.  The center block is a straight setting with coping strips on four sides that enlarge it to the size of the blocks that are set in the diagonal setting.  The strips are the same color as the outer border.  The four diagonal set blocks have coping triangles.  The triangles are two different colors which make a star.  The four corners have coping strips on two sides.  They are the same color as the outer triangles, which make it look like a border.  There is a small outer border that is the same color as the star and then the outer border.

img_1934I wanted to do something different with the green and white blocks.  They needed brightening up so I put two together with gold sashing.  I auditioned several fabrics but couldn’t find anything that looked good.  Then, I found the border fabric.  I pulled the sashing colors from the border fabric and the quilt came together.  It just happened.  The inner border is small because that is all the fabric that I had left after making the larger sashing in the center.  This quilt was a happy accident.  Maybe I should call it by that name.

Most of my orphan blocks are together.  I can see several quilts in the future.  They are a little different than a UFO.  A UFO just gets finished.  When making an orphan block, you have to think outside of the box.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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