Dear Jane

Dear Jane has been sitting in her suitcase for a while.  She has outgrown the project box and is now stored in a small suitcase.  img_1821Twenty five of the center blocks are finished and pieced together.  The blocks are hand quilted and then individually bound and sewn together in the pot holder method.

Originally, I had intended to make each row as it went around the center of the quilt, but my intentions became derailed.

I have the EQ Dear Jane app.  If anyone decides to make a Dear Jane quilt, it would be worth their while to purchase this cd.  There is a wealth of information and printable patterns and instructions.

One day I printed several rows of   instructions.  Then, I found fabric that is close to the original and put it with the pattern. The pile of instructions and fabric is in the suitcase for whenever I decide to work on Dear Jane.

Each pattern gives hints on how the block should be pieced.  Some are foundation pieced, some are rotary cut and some are appliqued.  I have been taking the top pattern and making that block. They are not in any order.  Each block is placed in a baggie when it is together and then placed in a box.  All the baggies in the box are waiting for hand sewing. I won’t have to look for hand sewing to do for a while.

img_1928Twelve blocks are finished and waiting to be sewn to the main quilt.



img_1931Three blocks are quilted, the binding is sewn on and is waiting for the binding to be tacked down.



img_1929Ten blocks need to be quilted.img_1930

There are three applique blocks.  One is reverse applique.  There will be pictures of the applique blocks when they are finished.

There are so many different techniques.  Each block is prettier than the one before.  I’m amazed at how much fun it is to work on the Dear Jane quilt.

When I complete all of the blocks that I’ve started, one third of the center blocks will be finished.  There is still a lot more to do.


Have a great day and happy quilting.


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