I’ve been hand quilting in the evening while watching TV.  Hand quilting is very relaxing, but it takes a long time.


I started this little quilt long ago.  One of my first books was about Amish quilts.  This is one that I made from this  book.  It is called Rail Fence.  I made and finished several small quilts from that book, but this one was put aside and forgotten.



img_1947Rail Fence is quilted in the ditch.  The quilting doesn’t show.  It just holds the quilt together. Some of the black squares are quilted with a medallion.  I don’t have the pattern but I can copy it to quilt the remainder of the squares.



There are other partially hand quilted small quilts in the UFO pile.  There is no law that says that I can’t finish them by machine quilting.  At least they would be finished.  I also have several old tops that were never quilted.  Piecing is quicker than quilting.

During the day, I have been working on the quilt that uses the embroidery squares that I made last summer.   The top should be finished soon.



Have a great day and happy quilting.






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