Moda Block Heads

I have neglected the Moda Blockhead block of the week for quite a while.  It’s time to catch up

img_1953.   img_1951 I’m still using the Japanese fabric.  I can see several more quilts made with this fabric.  Today, as I was cutting, I put several large pieces aside for another quilt.

img_1950 img_1952

Block # 41 has been published.  The original instructions say that there will be approximately 46 blocks so the project is almost finished.  The setting will be revealed after the last block is published.  There will also be settings to use the blocks in several small quilts.

I still have a few blocks to sew to catch up but they probably will be done before the last block is published.  Block # 39 has been cut out and is waiting by the sewing machine.  It calls for sixty 2 1/2″ half-square triangles and 24 triangles on the four corners.  There is also a pieced 17 1/2″ center square.  The block is 24″ square.  It will take a lot of very careful sewing.

Have a great day and happy quilting.



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