International Challenge

Last year at the Vermont Quilt Festival, friends from Canada and the United States decided to make a challenge quilt.  This quilt is called the five yard quilt.  It uses five different one yard pieces of fabric.  The quilt has eighteen 6″ focus squares.  When one of my friends told me that she was going to sew Red work in her squares, I decided to make machine embroidery for my focus blocks.  In a previous post, I showed fourteen blocks that I had embroidered.  Last week, I embroidered the last four blocks and made the quilt.  img_1958img_1955


I am making another challenge quilt and had bought the green fabric for that quilt.  I changed my mind and wanted teal for the other quilt so I used the green fabric for this quilt.

Today, I found the fabric for the back and know what I want to do when I machine quilt it.  I also found the backing fabric for the Temperature quilt.  The basting frame will be set up in the living room and I can start basting both quilts.

Wednesday is the day that the Moda Block head blocks are posted. The pattern for block # 42 arrived today.   I’ve finished the 24″ block with 60 half square triangles.  That leaves one old block to piece and the new one from today’s posting.  It is good to be almost caught up.

I’ve found a quilt pattern for the Kimberly Einmo 6″ blocks.  The drawer of solid fabric is full.  I will use that fabric for the sashing and border.  There are 50 blocks, so I will have some left over for the back.

Have a great day and happy quilting.



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