The Flower wall hanging

I haven’t worked on the flower wall hanging for a long time.  When I started this project, I wanted to finish it by February.  I think it might be February next year as I intend to hand quilt this one.  The right side of the main body is appliqued.

IMG_2021This week, I added an iris, two poppies and have a mystery flower ready to applique.  I think that it’s some kind of a hanging day lily.   I pinned the pieces of the mystery flower to a paper so that I would remember which piece goes where and the order to sew them down.   I may tone down some of the colors on that flower.  It is dark. It’s easy to change my mind before the pieces are sewn down.IMG_2022



All the other flower and leaf pattern pieces are cut out of Gypsy applique freezer paper.  The  freezer paper has been ironed to fabric, but the fabric has not been cut to size yet.    I still have a rose, an iris and a rose bud to place on that side of the wall hanging.  I might cut them out and prepare all of them for appliqueing.  Then I can pin them to paper and put them in the spot where  they will go.  That will tell me if I need to change any of the colors.


Have a great day and happy quilting.


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