Moda and silly dolls


Today is Wednesday and another Moda block arrived in my e-mail.  This is block 49 and very easy to make. It is a 6″ block.  The block consists of four half square triangles, four sets of two flying geese and a single block.  It went together easily.


I finished quilting the light green blocks on the challenge quilt today.  Tomorrow, I’ll start quilting the darker green blocks.  Then I will quilt the three borders.  Somehow, the borders take as long to quilt as the center of the quilt.  This quilt needs to be finished in time for the quilt show, so I should concentrate on finishing it.

I watched a you tube video about applique today and  learned a new procedure that I will try as I applique the Flower wall hanging. When I learn a new technique I sometimes use it for a while and then go back to my original way.  I might continue with this technique as it added to what I do already.  The past three nights, I’ve worked on one rose and it’s not finished yet. The new technique should make appliqueing quicker and easier.  When I try it, I’ll take pictures and explain what it is.

Several years ago, I went to a monthly machine embroidery class. We met for two full days in a row each month and had a great time.  One of the fun projects was silly dolls.  IMG_2085

We started by free motion machine embroidering lots of faces.  After the faces were finished, we had to decide if they were male or female.  They were mostly female. I have only one male doll.  The faces were sewn to a round stuffed tube.  Arms were made with wire that was wrapped around a pencil.  The dolls were dressed with scraps and embellished with junk.  The hair was made of yarn or anything that we could find.  It was so much fun to see how the dolls took on personalities when they were dressed. IMG_2086







Here are three dolls that are waiting for arms, hair and clothes.  I still have a box of junk to choose from when I decide to dress them.  IMG_2084





When I was in that class, we didn’t throw anything away.  Not even the threads that we swept from the floor.  We used anything and everything in our work.  Now that I’m not going anymore, I can finally throw fabric and thread in the waste basket.

Have a great day and happy quilting

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