I though that I had all my UFOs collected in one bin.  I have enough to keep me busy for a whole year.  But, I decided to do a Marie Kondo cleaning of my attic.  The house was new when I moved here so everything that is in the attic was placed up there by me.  It is time to purge.

So far, I have two trash bags full and a huge bag for the Salvation army. My criteria for getting rid of something is – do I really need it and will I ever use it.  I started on the side that I call the sewing room annex.  It has a lot of sewing stuff that I’ve collected for years.  Most of the things in that part of the attic are in labeled bins so deciding what to do with it was easy.  In reorganizing, I found several bins of mile a minute fabric.  It is all together now.  I will keep it as I’m teaching a Mile a Minute class in the fall and will give the fabric to my students.  It will be all gone by October.

I did find one more box of UFOs and orphan blocks.  There are several sets of blocks that are left over from quilts that are finished. IMG_2087This one is left over from a quilt that I made in a Deb Tucker class.


There are four blocks with this coloration.  They are left over from a Leah Day block of the month.  I don’t know why I made extra blocks.  There are twelve in the quilt that I finished. IMG_2089




IMG_2092This is one of a dozen table runners or table mats.  Some are just the blocks, some are ready to be quilted.

This is my favorite cloth book.  It needs to be pressed and the center sewn.  Then it will be finished.IMG_2090

This is the only block that is left from a quilt that I made for my granddaughter, who is a gymnast.  I don’t know what I will do with this single block, but I will think of something.


IMG_2094A long time ago when one of my daughters lived in Utah, we exchanged blocks.  We were going to make an alphabet quilt. Each of us would make two blocks for every other letter of the alphabet.  I started with A.  She would make a block beginning with B. The A block is called Autumn.  I finished one block and have the pieces for the second.  The block is only 6″ so the pieces are small.  She never did make B and I didn’t make C.  Maybe we could start again.  It was a fun concept.

I found a plastic zipper bag with a partially made wall hanging.  All the pieces are cut out and some are sewn together.  The pattern is very confusing.  It calls for 25 squares that have a border.  The diagram has only 21 blocks like that.  I’ll have to start from the first instruction and take it step by step.

I’m not in a hurry to finish the UFOs as most of them will go in the give away bin.

Have a great day and happy quilting.



2 thoughts on “UFOs

  1. This sounds so familiar…I have bins from classes I took and got “stalled” on the project. It is OK to pass those things along, make a wall hanging, frame the leftover block for the granddaughter, make a pretty table runner etc. I find that when I dig out something from the UFO bin I have now got the skill to get past what the hold up was a year or more ago.


    1. Thank you for your comment. It’s amazing how everyone loves what I thought was a problem. I need to finish the quilt that is going in the quilt show and tackle the UFO bin and the unquilted tops. It will be great to finish something.


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