Presser Feet

Many presser feet come as stock items with a sewing machine.  For some unknown reason, most of them are not used.  Every once in a while I find a presser foot that I must have, only to put it away and not use it.  I have had the border guide foot for a long time and it was still in the package.IMG_2147

This week, I needed to quilt fabric for a project. I remembered the foot and decided to do some channel  quilting.  The foot was perfect for this. I channel quilted sixteen pieces using the outside red line.  Every line was perfect in all the pieces. As I looked at the foot I found many more ways to use it. IMG_2150 1



IMG_2146I needed to top stitch a band on the top of the quilted fabric.  With the red center line on the edge of the band and the needle moved to the right a little, I was able to perfectly top stitch.



IMG_2141The pattern called for 1/2″ seams.  The first red line is exactly 1.2″ away from the center.  Placing the line on the edge of the fabric gave me a perfect 1/2″ seam.



IMG_2148Alternating the red lines will give a different look to channel quilting.




IMG_2149This foot can be used when sewing  several lines of a built in embroidery.  The lines will be perfectly even.  Putting the red horizontal line on the first stitch of the completed line will line up the pattern.

There are probably more uses for this foot.  I’ll have to check the Janome web site to find other things to do with it.

I have several other presser feet that are still in their packages and others that came with the machine that I have never used.  I should take the time to find out what each foot can do.  Sewing would be so easy when using the right presser foot for a job.

Have a great day and happy quilting.



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