Annie Louise

IMG_2152Annie Louise needed a new outfit for April.  Looking through the pictures of my ancestors for inspiration, I decided to make a white blouse and a black skirt.



My Grandmother, Grandfather and Uncle are in this picture.  My Mother was yet to be born. IMG_2153




I found it hard to sew the little pieces in the blouse, but it came out fine and fits her.  The skirt was much easier.  The skirt pattern had gathers, but I made pleats because my Grandmother’s skirt was straight.

IMG_2151Annie Louise looks very elegant in her new skirt and blouse.  It will be her shopping outfit.  She already has a housedress, a white fancy dress for a party and an older dress for cleaning house.



Annie Louise’s quilt is hanging at the quilt show.  When I get it back, I’ll take a picture of Annie Louise and her quilt.

Have a great day and happy quilting.



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