Mile A Minute Quilt



The Mile A Minute quilt is basically a free quilt.  It is a fun quilt block with no stress. You can not make a mistake.  It uses left over scraps no larger than 4″.  Also, strips that don’t have to be straight.  They could be the piece cut off to straighten up an edge.  Leftover thread and bobbins are used.  The color doesn’t matter.  It is a great way to empty  partially filled bobbins.  Other than the above supplies, you will need a sewing machine, a rotary cutter with a new blade, a cutting mat, scissors, and a square rotary cutting ruler.  The ruler can be 6″ or 6 1/2″.   I have seen one made with an 8″ ruler, but I prefer the smaller ones.

Place all the fabric into two bags, one for pieces and the other for strips.  The fabric does not have to be color coordinated, unless you want it to be.  It looks more old fashioned if it is not color coordinated.  A block made with thirties fabric is beautiful  Also, one made with batiques.

Place one bag on the right and the other on the left.   Without peeking, pick up a strip and place it on the machine right side up.  Then, without peeking, pick up a scrap and place it on the strip with right sides together.  Sew with a 1/4″ seam.  You could sew with the edge of the presser foot.  The seam does not have to be size accurate, but it must be straight,  Pick up another scrap, butt it to the first one and sew.  If you sew a crooked seam, do not pick it out.  Simply lay the piece on the cutting board, cut it straight and sew again.  If the strip is straight and the piece is crooked, the strip can be on the top.  That is an easier way to sew a straight line.

There is only one rule in making this block.  You are not allowed to throw a scrap back.  You must use what you picked up unless it is the same fabric as the strip.

Continue adding scraps to strips until you have a big pile behind the sewing machine.  Press strips to one side.  It doesn’t matter which side.  Pressing is important. It keeps the blocks straight.  Cut between the scraps.  You can use a rotary cutter or scissors.

More instructions and other tips will continue on the next blog.

IMG_2204   IMG_2203     IMG_2202

Have a great day and happy sewing.

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