There is a large basket near the cutting table.  Any fabric scraps that are cut off are thrown into the basket.  The basket can’t be seen from where I stand and cut. The other day, I looked at it and it was overflowing all over the floor.

It was time to sort the scraps and make them ready for a Mile A minute Quilt.  I divided the strips and pieces into two piles.  Any pieces that were too small were placed in a separate pile.  I found lots of Mile A Minute blocks that were partially made.   They went into another pile.

IMG_2194The basket with just the pieces, after the strips, small pieces, and partially sewn Mile A Minute blocks were removed.



Strips    IMG_2193

Partially sewn blocks IMG_2196

small pieces   IMG_2197

The small scraps were in a trash bag in the waste basket when I remembered that I still have 20 Gaa-Barge art quilts to make.  They were retrieved.  I should be able to make all 20 little quilts from this pile.

There are still two large bins of scraps in the attic.  They need to be divided.  It’s fortunate that I’m teaching a Mile A Minute class next fall.  I can provide all the fabric for the class and then start again.

In the meantime, I’ll finish the partially sewn blocks.  Once they are in a quilt, they will be examples for the class.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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