Mile A Minute block #3

This third installment about the Mile A Minute block is tips that I’ve learned along the way. This past week, I’ve taken all the Mile A Minute partially finished blocks and started to finish them.  So far I have over a dozen blocks made and there will be lots more to make with the remainder of the bag.  I used a 6″ ruler.  After I make enough 6″ blocks for a quilt I make different cuts.  Maybe even triangles to make star points or a flying geese.


If the scrap is uneven, place it right side up on the bed of the machine and place a straight strip on top right side down.  Tuck additional scraps under strip and sew to the end.

Uneven seam allowances do not have to be cut off, unless you really want to.

If two pieces have jagged edges. Place the right sides together and rotary cut a straight line.

Oops things.  Not sewing a straight line.  Sewing with right sides not together.  Never pull out stitches,  Just cut with a rotary cutter and ruler and correct the oops.  There are no mistakes in the Mile A Minute, Just oops.

Use steam to flatten pieces.  If the piece does not lay flat, cut with the rotary cutter and ruler  and sew again.  Keep your square ruler on the ironing board when pressing to quickly measure the block to see if it is big enough.

Stack pieces according to size.  When two  pieces are the same size, sew those two pieces together.  I do this while watching TV.  It doesn’t take much thinking.  The seams do not have to match.   If the edges don’t exactly match, cut with a rotary cutter and ruler for a straight line.  If two pieces are the same size, they can be sewn on opposite side of a strip.

Check magazines and books for patterns that can use the Mile A Minute block and cut the made fabric the size needed.  Look for square in a square, flying geese, half square triangles, etc.

Choose sashing and borders after the block is made.  The color that you choose will determine the color of the quilt.  The sashing color will pick up it’s color from the block.

IMG_2217   IMG_2216   IMG_2215   IMG_2214

The size of the quilt is determined by the number of blocks made and the setting of the blocks.

When your mind can’t concentrate on accurate piecing and matching corners, this is the block to make.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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