Annie Louise

IMG_2220It’s May and Annie Louise need a new outfit.  This month, the inspiration comes from my great, great, great grandmother.  She actually lived, at one time, in the city where I now live.  I have seen her house which was within walking distance to her husband’s job.  He was superintendent of the sewer department.  The city has recently pulled up and replaced the sewer lines that he installed in the late 1800s.


Annie Louise has a black cape that is trimmed with fur.  It is lined with a red lining.


IMG_2219Annie Louise’s quilt is back from the quilt show.  Usually a dress is made and then a quilt is made from the scraps.  This quilt was different.  The quilt was made first.  It was a Guild challenge.  Then there was a lot of the blue fabric left over so Annie Louise has a house dress.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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