I am now in Maine.  The weather is about two weeks behind New Hampshire and it is cold.  I’m thankful for the wood stove which is slowly warming up the house.  Somehow a house that has been closed up seems colder for a while.

IMG_2223The daffodils that are by the road have gone by, but the ones in the front yard waited for me to come up.  They are a beautiful sign of spring.  The gardens need a lot of cleaning out but that can wait until it is warmer,IMG_2222

IMG_2224Of course, the dandelions are in full bloom as are the forsythia.


Before I came to Maine, I went to a Quilt Guild retreat.  It was wonderful to just sew and not think about cooking or cleaning. I pieced 80 blocks for a shadow quilt,  I had already cut the pieces at home. Eighty blocks sounds like a lot but there were only a few seams in each block and it was all straight sewing. They are all in order by my sewing machine.  I will start sewing them together as soon as the house is in order.   Miss Molly went to her favorite spa and had her first grooming of the Spring.  She is beautiful.  She loves to go to the kennel and isn’t very interested in going home.

I haven’t finished anything recently, but have brought a lot of projects to Maine to work on.  Maybe I can finish them here.  At least that is my plan for now.

I have no new work to show.  I was looking through my photos and found pictures of a few sampler quilts.  They are fun to make.  Each one is different.

IMG_0493   IMG_0496   IMG_0492   IMG_0518

Have a great day and happy quilting.


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