Dyed Fabric

It has been a wonderfully warm day.  There was a snall breeze which I enjoyed while sitting on the porch.  It is the best spot to pull paper from the back of a paper pieced quilt.  That should be done soon and then on to basting and quilting.

I did do some sewing and trimming this morning.  The pieces of the nested flying geese are ready to place in order and sew.  Somehow, they became out of order during the process of getting them this far.  I’m sure that they will find their way back to where they belong. This has been a fun project.  It was easy to sew.  All 60 blocks are trimmed to the same size.  It just needs setting squares and triangles.

My dyed fabric needed to be washed in Synthropol and rinsed in clear water.  It was easy to do in the back yard.  After washing, the fabric was placed on hanger and hung to dry on the closeline.  The rinse water was mostly clear, except for the red fabric.  I will buy some Retayne at the Maine Quilt Show at the end of the month.  That will help set the color.   After I process the fabric in Retayne, I’ll wash it in the washing machine with some more Synathropol.  I would not be happy if the fabric bled in a quilt.

I haven’t pressed the dyed fabric yet.  There is no need to do that until I’m finished setting the color.  After all the setting process is complete, I’ll place a piece of white fabric on the dyed fabric.  A sheet of teflon will be place under the dyed fabric. Then, I’ll spray it with water and press.  If the dye still isn’t set, it will migrate to the white fabric.  Hopefully it will be finished and I can use it.  If not, I’ll do the process again.

IMG_2395When we dyed the fabric, there was dye left in the bin.  We placed half yard pieces hin the bin to use the dye.  The pieces were not ombre dyed, but ate very pretty anyway.  Some of the names of the colors are, watermelon, sage green, butterscotch, wine, very green, and raspberry.  They are on a black table.  Wouldn’t they be nice in a quilt with a black background.

The dyed fabric goes from dark to light, except for the one on the right, which goes from saphire blue to purple rain. IMG_2397

The change of color isn’t noticible in the long piece, but when the top and bottom are placed together, it is very obvious.

IMG_2401   IMG_2399   IMG_2398

The fabric will look much better when it is pressed.  I’m not sure how I will use this fabric, but some day an inspiration will strike.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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