Nested Flying Geese

The Nested Flying Geese top is finished, except for pressing.  I will do that just before I quilt it.  This quilt top was started in a class at the Vermont Quilt Festival with Birgit Schueller.  It was the first class that Birgit taught using the nested flying geese technique.  Her instructions were accurate except for one item, which was a miscount of setting blocks.  It was easily fixed. I just cut 11 instead of the 10 that she told us to cut.  She was a great instructor.  The class was fun and I did learn a new technique.

IMG_2415       IMG_2414       IMG_2413

I learned more than the technique.  Last year, I bought a jelly roll of Kaffee Fassett fabric.  It was on sale and was very pretty on the roll.  It seemed to have lots of interesting colors.  I though that it would be perfect for this project.  My problems with the jelly roll started when I noticed that the edges were pinked.  That cut into the 2 1/2″ size that we needed.  Then the fabric was loosely woven with a small thread count. My background fabric had a much higher count.  This led to puckering and incorrect sizing of the pieces.  As most pieces were cut on the bias, the fabric shifted too much.  The colors were all grayed and not as pretty when the fabric unrolled as they were on the roll.   The quilt is dull.  I think that I’ll call it “Geese In The Foggy Rain.” Maybe a bright quilting thread will brighten it up.

The blocks were supposed to be trimmed to 5 1/4″ x 10″.  Due to the bias stretch and shifting, I could only cut a 5″ x 9 1/2″ block.  This led to some of the geese wings being clipped.  With all these problems, the quilt is still pretty.  When it is quilted, a lot of the problems can be quilted away.  It will make a great quilt for the beach.

Sometime in the future, I might make another Nested Flying Geese quilt.  I will heavily starch the fabric and  cut it from my stash. Then my geese will be able to fly without clipped wings.

Have a great day and happy quilting.






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