I have had very little time this week to sew on my quilts, but I am up to date on the two projects that I’ve chosen to work on this winter.

IMG_2730The third clue in Frolic came last Friday.  It allowed us to choose how we made half square triangles.  At first, I thought that I would make mine with the accordion method.  That would make each block with different fabrics.  They have to be trimmed a little after sewing.  Then, I thought that I would make mine oversize and trim them with the Tucker Trimmer.  There would be two blocks with the same colors.  I decided to use the Tucker Trimmer method.  Two similar blocks would not be noticed in this quilt.  The fourth clue will come tomorrow.  This will be a beautiful quilt.

I have sewn three of the Ten Commandments Pattern Series.  This free pattern can be found at info@quiltnbee.biz.  It also can be bought at http://www.stitchintree.com.  This pattern consists of ten 10″ blocks and one center 22″ block.  The fabric requirements for a bed runner (43″ x 96″) and a twin bed size (67″ x 85″), along with the pictures, are given in the first e mail.


I chose different color fabrics so pasted small swatches on the first page.  This can be made with scraps.



The first Commandment is the center 22″ block.  Each sections gives the fabric needed for the blocks and sashing and cutting instructions.  It also gives the pressing instructions.  Making this bed runner has made me slow down, read and follow all the instructions.  With accurate cutting and sewing with an accurate 1/4″ seam, the blocks go together very nicely.

IMG_2732The second and third commandments are on the right side of the bed runner.  I have saved the teal fabric that I used in those blocks  to use in the two blocks on the left side.  I will find another teal fabric to use in the blocks that are closer to the center.


I’m taking a break from hand quilting  my oldest UFO in the evening while I watch TV.  The quilting is going well, but my under hand needs a little repair.  It should be healed in a few days and I can go back to quilting.  In the meantime, I’ll check out several years of machine embroidery magazines that were stored in the attic.  I’m trying to downsize and clear out the attic.  That should take most of the winter.  Hopefully, I’ll find someone who will want the magazines.

Have a great day and happy quilting.


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