Amish Thistle – 1985

1985 was a good year. I was working outside the home and still had a few teenagers who hadn’t left the nest. The Quilters Newsletter was still in print. I had a subscription and enjoyed reading it. I had actually started my part time teaching career. Several of my coworkers gathered around my dining room table to learn how to quilt and we had fun.

The March Quilters Newsletter came, and it had a wonderful picture of a thistle. The colors were what we considered Amish. It was beautiful and I had to make it in those colors. I enlarged it. It would be the center of my quilt.

At that time, there were very few quilt books. My first book was Make a Medalion by Kathy Cook.

It would be the perfect setting for the Thistle.

In 1985, all my quilts were hand quilted. I started quilting, and quilting, and quilting. This quilt is 107″ x 107″. It is big and heavy. More times than I can say, it was put aside to work on something else. Something that would be finished.

I don’t know why I decided to quilt feathers in a row that was so busy the feathers didn’t show.

It was hard to quilt black on black.

This fall, I decided to work on Amish Thistle until it was finished. 35 years is too long for a ufo. It seemed to take forever, but I was very happy when the last stitch was sewn. I will place it on my bed. The colors are perfect for that room. Miss Molly is ageing and can’t jump up on the bed anymore, so it will be safe. She has spent many evenings on the edges of Amish Thistle as I was quilting.

I still have some older ufos. A few are in the 15-to-20-year range. Most can be machine quilted, but some need to be hand quilted. Maybe my next hand quilted quilt will be a Dresden Plate. It was pieced and appliqued in the last 5 years. The plates are original to the 30’s. A friend gave them to me. The muslin for the squares was included. Her grandmother made them long ago. I found some 30’s fabric for the back, so all the fabric is original to the 30’s. There are a few that are left over and will make a wall hanging. Everything is basted and ready to go.

There are three bed quilts, including the Ugly Quilt, that are waiting to be machine quilted.

It’s time to quilt.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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