Happy New Year

It’s a new year and I have lots of plans for quiltmaking. While looking for my doll clothes patterns, I came across two plastic boxes. One had fabric and a pattern for a quilt that I had wanted to make last year. Maybe it will be on my list of new quilts this year. The second box had two identical small quilt tops that were charity quilt size. One top was finished and the other one had one more seam to sew. I usually don’t make quilts with the same patterns unless I’m making a different color or size. At first, I didn’t remember making them. Why would I make two alike? I vaguely remember combining two piles of blocks from the bin of orphan blocks into the two quilts. I finished the last seam, and the two quilts are in the to-be-quilted pile. Miss Molly has given her approval of the quilt.

I’ve made the first three blocks for the 2022 Mystery Quilt. Later this week, I’ll write the instructions for February and piece the next three or four blocks. The quilt can be made in seven sizes. I’ve already made one that is 44″ x 44′. This quilt will be 77″ x 77″ unless I add an additional border and make it bigger. The size depends on the cut size of the pieces. All the blocks have sixteen pieces that are either squares or half square triangles. The tones are light, light/medium, medium and dark. The alike blocks are a contrast in tone and/or color to the different blocks.

Block 1 There are thirteen blocks with different patterns and twelve alike blocks in this quilt. The different blocks are made with hand dyed fabric that are pastel tones of the colors in the alike blocks.

Block 2 The center was supposed to be half square triangles, but I made it a square in a square because the fabric was a large print. It looks better whole. There are twelve blocks with this this coloration. All the centers and half square triangles are made. I’ll sew one together each time that I make one of the different blocks.

Block 3 All blocks are labeled with their number so I will be able to place them in the correct position when they are all made.

All my pieces are cut out and the half square triangles are made. I will make the blocks a few at a time between making other quilts.

When I cut the pieces of the blocks and had a small amount of the fabric left over, I cut the scraps into 1 1/2″ pieces. They make a very nice doll bed quilt.

It is finished with a flange binding. It’s a quick and easy way to finish a quilt. No hand sewing.

It’s a good start to the new year. One quilt finished. two more ready to quilt.

I did find the doll clothes patterns. They were right where I put them when I decluttered last year.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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