Maine Quilt Show

I went to the Maine Quilt show in Augusta today. There were so many beautiful quilts.  The vendors were excellent.  I stocked up on my favorite batting, Katahdin Summer. It is a low loft 100% cotton batting that is made Maine.  It is wonderful for either hand or machine quilting.  I always head for the booth that sells it because I know that the summer weight sells out fast.  I also bought two chalk pencils that really work.  The chalk disappears with a touch of an iron.  Adele Scott is my favorite vendor and I always find something new at her booth,  This year, I found a book that instructs me on how to do ruler quilting. I’ve browsed through it and have learned a lot already.   Now to put the instructions in practice.  I’ve had the machine foot and rulers for over a year and haven’t progressed beyond straight quilting.  Maybe now, I can use the other rulers.

The best of show was Marguerite Solomon Gunn’s quilt –  Banquet Royale.  I had seen pictures of the quilt in magazines, but it is awesome to see it in person.  The colors are beautiful.  Her quilting is beyond belief.

My favorite quilt was one that was appliqued with silk fabric.  Somehow, silk makes a quilt shine.  That quilt won four ribbons.

There was a display from the Lowell quilt museum.  We were allowed to take picture and I will share them with you.

lm5   lm4   lm3   lm2   lm1

Have  a great day and happy quilting.

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