I have four bins of finished wall hangings.  Some go way back to when I first started quilting. I like to make wall hangings.  Most of my earlier ones were hand quilted.  It didn’t take long to finish them.

I was checking my picture files today and found these three wall hangings.  I don’t know if I gave them away or if they are still in the bins.  I rarely change the wall hangings in my house, but if I wanted to, I have a lot to choose from.  today2    today1    today

The raspberry bushes are still producing. I picked another big bowl full today.  There is more than enough for me.  My neighbors ended up with a bowl full also.  There are still more to ripen in a few days.

I took pictures of day lilies, alliums, Shasta daises and other flowers today and thought about how I could use them in a quilt. Then I wondered why I take pictures of the same flowers every year.  They don’t change.  They are just as beautiful this year as they were last year.

I had two ripe tomatoes in the garden.  I had forgotten that the home grown tomatoes have much more flavor and are sweeter than store bought. These were even better than Farmer’s Market tomatoes.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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