Moda blockhead 2

I finished the Moda Blockhead 2 block of the week today.  It is the eighth block.  I should get another pattern tomorrow or Thursday. Then I’ll have to hurry and catch up again.   Last week, we had a choice of an appliqued or pieced  pineapple block.  I didn’t like the appliqued block , so I made the pieced block.  I’m enjoying the small Moda blocks.  Every week they are different sizes.


I’ve been working on the Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt.  It is almost pieced.  I can see the end.  It seems as if I’ve been working on it forever.

The second quilt that is made from Kimberly Einmo’s book is pieced. The first border is on.  I’ve put it away for now.  The fabric that I want for the second and third borders is in N. H.  I’ll add the borders when I go to N. H. the next time.

I also did some much needed garden work.  It is hot outside so I only work out there for a short period of time. It’s much nicer sitting on the swing and doing hand work.   It’s time to separate some bulbs and make the gardens more manageable.  I’m watching the yellow and green beans.  They should be ready in a week or two.  The peas have gone by,  The tomatoes are green.  I keep looking for a red one.

The home grown vegetables in the summer are wonderful.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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