Splendid Sampler

Last week’s Splendid Sampler block was called For the Love by Sharon Burgess.  It was inspired by flowers in her garden.  Sharon does paper  piecing and this piece was supposed to be English paper pieced. I  have been working on the Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt for a long time,  It is English paper pieced and I did not want to make another block in that method.  I copied the pattern four times and the reverse four times, combined them into one piece and then used the leftover fused fabric from Melissa’s quilt.  The pieces were button hole stitched on the machine.  It was quick and easy.aaa1

This week’s Splendid Sampler block should be published tomorrow.  This week’s Moda Blockhead 2 block was published today.  I’ll sew them tomorrow and then I will be done for this week.

Today, I flipped from one project to another.  Nothing was finished, but a lot was accomplished,  It is raining and should rain most of the night,  It will be too wet to work in the garden tomorrow.  Maybe, I can finish something.

Have a great day and happy quilting.


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