More Blocks finished

augIt is August and I should change the little wall hanging on my wall.  The July wall hanging will have to hang there until I go back to N. H. later this month.




The Moda Blockhead pattern came yesterday.  I didn’t like it.  It was too plain. moda block 9

Who says that I have to sew the block as they designed it?  With a few tweaks, I think this is a much better block.  IMG_1375




IMG_1374The Simple Sampler 2 block came today.  It was very easy.  I really do like making flying geese.  There are so many ways to make a flying geese.  The Lazy Girl flying geese used to be my favorite way to make one.  Now, I prefer the Kimberly Einmo flying geese ruler.  Deb Tucker also has a flying geese ruler that I hear is very nice. I’ve never used it.  These flying geese were made by cutting out a rectangle and then sewing squares on the diagonal on each end.  I try, at first, to make the blocks with instructions given by the designer.  At times, I use my own methods.

I have started to quilt “Melissa” today.  I drew a pattern that I liked.  Then I copied the pattern  with a water erasable marker.  When I took the pattern away, the marks disappeared as I looked at them.  The water in the hot and humid air erased the marks.  I changed the pattern and quilted part of one block.  I think that I might like the new pattern better anyway.  At least it is a start and I know what to do with that quilt.

Have a great day and happy quilting.


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