Happy Birthday

Today is Miss Molly’s birthday.  She is nine years old.  We have had her in our family since she was nine weeks old.

a7Wire Fox Terriers are so cute when they are little.


Miss Molly used to dig holes everywhere when she was a puppy.  I’m so glad that she stopped doing that.  We had to be careful where we walked.dscf3873






dscf3916Her brother was Max, a Miniature Schnauzer.  Max was an awesome dog.   Usually an older dog teaches a younger dog how to behave.  Miss Molly didn’t listen to Max at all.  She became the boss when very young.



Miss Molly is highly educated.  She has passed level 1, level 2, and level 3.  She was at the point of taking her companion dog exam when I decided she had gone far enough.  She also has taken agility classes, sniff and search lessons, and dance lessons.  She prefers to dance to Latin music.  When dogs dance, it is just obedience done to music.  She has a few steps, but only dances when she feels like it.  I can hide treats and she searches until she finds them.  Miss Molly will do anything for a treat.  When meeting Miss Molly, you wouldn’t know that she had any training.  She chooses when to obey. dscf4030



When I had Miss Molly groomed for the first time, she changed from a fluffy puppy to a very sophisticated dog.dscf4003

She is afraid of thunder storms.img_0600


Miss Molly takes her job of quality control inspector very seriously.  She checked out the new Japanese fabric scraps.  They passed inspection.  We are allowed to use them. img_0828



She loved the Canadian 150 quilt.  Now she is inspecting a 30 year old UFO as I hand quilt it in the evening.  It’s a good thing it’s a king size so I have space to quilt and she has space to inspect. img_0636

Everyone should have a quality control inspector that is as good as Miss Molly.




Have a great day and happy quilting.














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