Annie Louise

Annie Louise has a new wig and a clean face.  She looks so much different than she did before.  It’s amazing how cleaning 100 years of grime off her face brought back her color.img_1939 img_1909




Her wardrobe has started to grow.

It is fun to research what women were wearing in the early 1900’s.  I still intend to duplicate the dresses that my ancestors wore.  That is for another day.

I started with her underwear.  Her size is different than the patterns that I have collected, so I thought that I would make everything out of muslin first.  That way, I could tweak the size before I made them out of finer fabric.  The muslin  underwear is very nice.  That is what she will have for now.

rrr  Annie Louise has two pair of pantaloons.   I made one and the other was a gift from a neighbor.  Thank you, Amy.  Both fit her very well. The petticoat is her original one and goes very well with the antique pantaloons. img_1942

img_1943   img_1944


img_1941Her petticoat has several layers of lace.  It is elegant even though it is muslin,  She will have to have full skirted dresses when she wears it.   When I make a slimmer dress, I will have to make another slimmer petticoat.

img_1945She has a chemise.  It doesn’t fit her very well and I will have to adjust the size.  It is lined which makes it heavy.  I think it would be better with one layer or a lighter weight fabric.



img_1940I made a doll quilt as a challenge for the Guild.  I named it “Annie Louise’s quilt”. It belongs to her.  There was a piece of fabric left over and I decided to make a day dress for her.  I laid muslin on her old dress and made a pattern for the new dress.  It was almost accurate.  It just needed a few adjustments before I cut the good fabric.  Now, I can use the muslin patterns and make other clothes.

img_1937There are two tucks at the bottom of the skirt.  I have a border guide foot that I’ve never used.  It was great to keep the tucks even.  There are many other ways to use this foot.





The dress was hemmed by machine using the blind hem stitch.




Making doll clothes will be a good way to use all the presser feet that I’ve bought and left in the package.  Janome has many You Tube tutorials that have excellent instructions.

Have a great day and happy quilting.




4 thoughts on “Annie Louise

  1. Annie looks so wonderful! What a great job you did bringing her back to life. I love the muslin and lace petticoat. Have lots of fun making her more outfits. Perhaps she needs holiday outfits. She would be so pretty in a velvet dress.


    1. Thank you, Janie. What a great idea. I have red and green velvet to choose from. The next dress will be a white lace dress that was very popular in that era. Then, I will make a party dress. I hope to make one outfit a month.


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